“People are using violence and fear to separate us, but we want to use our tools of music and love to fight them back.” Heartbeat's touring band — ambassadors from the larger Heartbeat community of Israeli and Palestinian musicians  raises up an exuberant call of protest and unity, demonstrating the power of bridges over borders and inspiring audiences to imagine and create the future we seek.  Along with nods of approval from Eddie Vedder and Neil Young, The Huffington Post declared this exuberant bunch to be “positively empowering the next generation of Israeli and Palestinian leaders”. But this is no dry, super-serious cultural exchange. Heartbeat ooze groove and invention, drawing from jazzy R&B, hip-hop, rock, reggae and folk, while also adding flavours from their respective sides of the divide. And, with songs like Make Hummus Not War, they’re having fun as they preach the fundamentals. 


At each event in the 2017 tour program, Heartbeat musicians will also share their experiences of growing up amidst the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, highlighting their creative effort to build a better future as members of Heartbeat. Each concert offers a unique window into the lives of these inspiring young artists and will forge lasting connections between communities across America and the Middle East.


About Heartbeat


Heartbeat unites Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians to build critical understanding, develop creative nonviolent tools for social change, and amplify their voices to influence the world around them. Engaging in an ongoing music, dialogue, and empowerment process, Heartbeat youth musicians become agents of change; harnessing the tools of creativity to imagine possibilities, ask questions, and publicly address systemic problems such as violence and inequality — partnering to create a safe, equitable future for all.


Heartbeat's Impact


  • Over 100 Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians have participated in Heartbeat’s programs
  • Heartbeat’s youth musicians have performed and led workshops for over 15,000 in Israel, Palestine, Germany, and the United States
  • Heartbeat youth musicians’ original compositions and music videos have been downloaded or viewed by over 100,000 people worldwide.
  • News agencies including the BBC, CBS, PBS, Voice of America, Al Jazeera, The Washington Post, and The New York Times, among many others have further amplified Heartbeat youth voices to influence millions around the world.
  • Heartbeat’s graduates remain deeply involved in the organization as Heartbeat staff members and musician ambassadors.


Press Quotes

“Positively empowering the next generation of Israeli and Palestinian leaders.”

The Huffington Post 

“Incorporating Middle Eastern traditional sounds with a pop punch, they hope to create music for a larger audience, singing in Hebrew, Arabic and English.”

CBS News

“Living proof that peace and harmony between Israelis and Palestinians is possible.”

Voice of America 

“Trying to turn the dissonance of violence into music of peace.”

Washington Post 

“Heartbeat: The New Kind of Peace Talk for Israel and Palestine”

Consequence of Sound

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